April 1, 2018

The Most Endangered Animal in America...

It's that time of year again to bring awareness to a creature we do not think too much about when it comes to animals on the endangered species list: The Midwestern American Jackalope (Horneaus Rabbitus).

Native to Montana, North & South Dakota, and parts of South Lyon, MI, The Jackalope is a majestic creature that is hibernates the majority of the year and only appears in the Month of April.  Their diets consist strictly on vegetation, some insects (save for spiders.  They are very Arachnophobic), and sometimes organic kale during times when their tummies may start getting a little too large.

Jackalopes are an amazing feat of evolution due to the horns on their heads.  It is widely believed that thousands of years ago, an unusually large sized Jack Rabbit had troubles finding an acceptable female.  He found what he thought was an unusually over-sized Jack Rabbit only to find out post-copulation it was an Antelope doe.  The impossible happened and the Doe gave birth to a litter of Baby Jackelopes.  From there, the breed flourished as their need to multiplied was driven by their Paternal DNA.
...and for those of you who believe in Creation, 2000 years ago, God grieved over the loss of his son on the cross and needed something to make him smile.  From there, he went to the Americas and saw his creation, The Jack Rabbit.  He was fond of this creation but always thought there was something missing.  From there, he removed the horns from some female deer and put them on some random Jack Rabbits.  This story also explains why Female Deer do not have horns.

Fast Forward to the 1800's America.  At one point, the Jackelope Population had gotten a little out of control and President Grover Cleveland wrote a mandate that hunting season for this elusive creature would be open every year from April 1st to April 30th every year until the species is at a controllable count.  Unfortunately, this wouldn't happen until the mid 1900's and the population became so sparse, folks forgot to hunt the creature and the legendary horned rabbits hid in permanent seclusion.  Anyone who has a trophy head of one of these amazing creatures have most likely inherited it from an uncle or eccentric grandmother.

So come this spring, please think well of the Majestic Midwestern Jackalope as it will soon enter the annuls of American Mythology along with it's friends Sasquatch/Bigfoot, The Wendigo, and everyone's story of "The One That Got Away".

...happy april fool's/easter...

February 6, 2018


I'm writing this on my phone so please forgive my lack of flair.

At the time I write this, a Mexican man was ripped away from his wife & children because Trump redacted DACA.  DACA was an act protecting those who came into this country illegally as children, albeit against their will. 

This man was one of those previously protected because he was one of those children.  The US was the only home he knew, as far as I understand.  He had a well established life, married, and had a beautiful family together.  Now, because of circumstances he had no control of as a child, he is tossed out of HIS OWN COUNTRY to live in one he may or may not have any connections, no real citizenship aside from birth, and probably no job or place to live once he got there.

So now here is where we need some damn perspective.  about 250 years ago, White People from the British Isles came to the US illegally with their children.  I have British blood.  We did not file for citizenship asking the Natives if we can camp here for life.  We came and we literally conquered because screw them.  If we don't have DACA, then where are MY walking papers?  Send me back to England.  Germany.  France.  Ireland.  I doubt those ancestors filed for citizenship either.  Why should they have?

I'm an Illegal American.  Where are my papers?

December 30, 2017

Grown-Up Book Report: Good Omens

In a time where any cassette you put into a tape player instantly becomes the works of "Queen" and where witches make crazy accurate prophecies...to a point; I present to you "Good Omens" by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman...or Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, which ever you like better.

This book starts with the switching of the wrong baby boy for the Anti-Christ.  A demon & an angel team-up to more or less to check in on the supposed Anti-Christ so see how he's doing just to find out they have been keeping tabs ON THE WRONG CHILD!  Because of the mix-up, they now have to scramble to prevent Armageddon from happening!  Oh, and there is a prophecy by some really mental witch 300 years prior, an average guy who joins the ranks of Witch Hunters, and, of course, an actual witch.

I could go on and on about the happenings in this book but the humor in this thing is just CHOCK full of spoilers!  So many, in fact, Professor River Song can't even mentioning the name of this book with out saying "Spoilers".

So if I can't discuss some of the great things that happen in this book, what can I say to get you to read this masterpiece?

It reads like a British Comedy.  Without losing any of the richness, the authors really get to the point about what's going on.  So many one liners, never disappoints with timing, and how the characters deal with everything that happens and the severity of it all is BRITISH AF! 

I do want to lightly spoil one event in this book, though.  They make a big deal about The Anti-Christ and having his own Hell Hound on his 11th birthday.  No, not so much that he has one but more how he names him!  The name is important because it will outline and shape the destiny and purpose of said Hell Hound.  So if he is named "Killer", he will be proficient in killing.  If named "Hunter" he will have the potential to efficiently track down his master's enemies and so on.  So with this in mind, enjoy the fate of this Hell Hound.

I recommend this book to anyone who LOVES British Humor or anything involving the fight between Good & Evil.  I would compare this story to the show "Supernatural" or even the Movie "Dogma".  Either way, really funny stuff.  I've caught myself laughing out loud at work while listening to this.

November 5, 2017

Grown-Up Book Report: The Belgariad

When I was in High School, the boy I had a wicked crush on was reading this particular series of books.  The Series is called "The Belgariad".  Gurl, it may start a little slow at first, but if you can muster through the first few chapters, I promise the rest of the book and the 4 novels after WILL reward you for your valiant efforts!  I, myself, only opted to read this series because my crush would not tear himself away from them to even acknowledge my presence.  *still winces at the thought* but he did acknowledge me enough to recommend these books to me as well.

So how to start this recommendation?  Let's start with this:

Mentally Check off which of these Titles you have ever liked in some form or another...

*Lord of the Rings
*Avatar: The Last Air-Bender (not including the movie which shall not be named)
*Harry Potter
*Final Fantasy
*Percy Jackson
*The Never Ending Story

If  you have said yes to any of these, then I HIGHLY suggest you read this incredible series.  Not a big fan on Mid-Evil Fantasy?  Neither am I.  That's how badly I want you to get into this amazing saga!

So on to the spoiler-free Summary:

The Belgariad is about a scullary boy named Garion from the modest region called "Sendaria".  He was raised on a farming commune called "Faldor's Farm" by his Aunt Pol.  She, herself, is a no-nonsense woman who works as the farm cook and control's the kitchen with a mighty fist.  Things get weird when the older, worldly traveling story-teller, whom Pol refer's to as "Old Wolf" comes by and tells Aunt Pol to gather up Garion and head out of Faldor's Farm.  Upon his insistence, the Farm Black-Smith, named Durnik invites himself along as well.

As this epic adventure begins, The party of 4 picks up a few more "Party Members" along the way, including a Cherek Warrior named Barak, a Drasnian Spy called "Silk", among others.  During this quest (something has been stolen by someone evil and it is unknown how, but it is known what for...none of it holy), Garion & crew come across some very interesting people, get into very crazy events, and you here the word "Prophecy" quite a bit!

This series is VERY story driven and rarely does it ever stagnate or dawdle.  Never once have I ever wondered "Did David Eddings forget or lose where he's going with this?"  This series of books is definitely WELL thought out and planned.  As a matter of fact, if this series leaves you wanting to know more about what happened to these characters in the aftermath of what happens, there is a WHOLE SERIES OF BOOKS FOLLOWING THAT!

But wait, there's MORE!

If this series has mad a fangirl (or fanboy) out of you, then there are 3 companion books that go into some of the secondary (or side-stories if you will/history of this particular universe).

Seriously you guys.  I'm re-reading this series right now at work and it's reminding me why I LOVE this series so much!  It's like playing a REALLY good RPG but without the eye-strain or frustration of random encounters, wondering if you messed up, wasting hours of your day looking for rare items, or even the stress of your wi-fi connection suddenly dropping!

So click below to get the first set of books for yourself and get yourself lost in it!

The Belgariad by David Eddings

October 20, 2017

Grown-Up Book Report: A Head Full of Ghosts

I am making a conscience effort not to spoil, but leaks happen.

Welcome to a new feature I think I'm going to start doing.  I'm calling it "Grown-Up Book Reports".  It's been FOREVER since I've last posted on this blog.  Like a lady's age, I'm not saying how long it's been.  Just know I've had Blogger's Block due to a lot of reasons.  Having said that, here's a quick update on our family sitch...

I've had to rejoin the full-time work force.  We are at a point in our lives where me not working is no longer something we can afford.  Since this past March, I am on my 4th job.  This one is temp-to-hire so here's hoping come December, they will see me worthy enough to keep!  I am doing Data Entry with a GREAT company here in Spokane.  I was lucky enough to win the team lottery (not a literal one) and was pulled into an amazing team that is small and still new, department wise, to the company.  I love my coworkers, my supervisor is kind, and despite the early hours I have to wake-up, it's a job worth waking-up this early for.

Having said this, it is a tedious job so having quality listening material is key.  I have learned to appreciate audio books.  As it is, I have listened to 6-7 books now.  Just this morning, I have finished one suggested by Stephen King of all people!  There was an article where he was asked about the X amount books he's read that scared the bejebus out of him!  I looked all of them up on Hoopla Digital, a library app the Spokane Public Library System utilizes, and a small handful had them in audio form.  The above pictured book is one of them.

This story is called "A Head Full of Ghosts" by Paul Tremblay.  This book was something else.  It hits along the vein of "The Exorcist", "The Exorcism of Emily Rose", and other cliche exorcism stories.  As a matter of fact, the narrator of this story is very much aware of this fact.  But because this book was endorsed by "The King" of Horror himself (pun intended), I stayed the course.  I promise you, it pays off.  Even the ending made me said "wait a minute...NO...I SAID WAIT A MINUTE!!!".

The book essentially is told by the main protagonist, Merry.  She is 23 years old and is being interviewed by a journalist about the experience that happened to her family when she was only 8.  The "affected" person in the story is her 14 year-old sister, Marjorie.  Marjorie was diagnosed with Schizo-Effective Disorder (formerly known as Schizophrenia).  Schizo-Effective Disorder (SED) is a mental disability in which you have chronic auditory and/or visual hallucinations.  It can manifest as disembodies voices, seeing things that aren't there, and so on.  Other symptoms include Paranoia, Anxiety, Depression, and so on.  I encourage you to Google it.  I had a friend with this affliction and it can be absolutely debilitating.  Eventually, the family become desperate due to their familial circumstances that include, but wasn't limited to the eldest daughter's mentality that they agree to turn their lives into a reality television show that centered around her illness. 

"But wait?  Didn't you say this story was about exorcisms?"  I did.  The father of the story eventually goes behind his wife's back and takes the Marjorie to a priest and has him declare the girl possessed by A DEMON!  It was never made 100% clear, but I'm certain it was the dad's idea to bring in the TV people to made a reality show to focus on the daughter, but on the platform that she is possessed and NOT on her having a mental illness.

I'm going to stop the book description here so as to not spoil much more of the book.  Just know that in the end, things end in ways that you may not expect.  Not only is there the physical aspects that will creep you out, but there is PLENTY of the psychological going on here, too.  Many times have I been left wondering things like "Is she really?" or "Nooo...that wouldn't happen unless..." and even "HOLD-UP!  WHAT?!"

Again, this story does start like a lot like classic and now cliche exorcism stories & movies of cinema & literature past, but the narrator is VERY aware of this.  Merry alludes to this herself and even calls each title by specific name.  But unlike those stories, there are elements that do keep you reading BECAUSE once you start thinking "Where does it get different", it gets different.

If you're a fan of horror, thrill, and psychological, I highly recommend this story. 

April 21, 2017

Spokane; The Portland of Washington State

Keep Spokane Weird
When I was a little girl growing-up in Kennewick, my mom would often pack-up my sister and I and travel the two-hours North to Spokane to visit her eldest sister and her daughters (my cousins).  I LIVED for these trips!  To me, Spokane was my metropolis!  It was home to awesome shopping, one of the greatest parks I've ever been to, and above all else, the great scenery!  Let me tell you, when you live in the one area in your state, famous for it's natural emerald coloring, that is full of dead, brown, and dry, you yearn for a life that is full of trees, parks, and bustling life!  I, myself, am a proud Air Element (Gemini) so to be in a place where all is constantly moving and full of freshly created oxygen is home to me. Unfortunately, it took losing my mother and getting divorced from a lazy man holding me back from my potential to finally get me to realize that I wasn't obligated to stay where I was and finally live my life!  Nearly a year after my separation, I packed my stuff, my cat, and my self and finally made the 2-hour trek by myself to Spokane to finally live my life by my terms.

Fast forward 8+ years.  I've since remarried, started a family, at one point was forced back to the Tri-Cities (a really dark period in my life), and have come back to Spokane with nothing left to lose except my family...in which the second we stepped foot back in Spo-town, our lives got EXPONENTIALLY BETTER!  It seems like when we're here, our lives make sense and we have purpose.  If that doesn't tell you that we're meant to be here, I don't know what does.


Rachel Dolezal
Please, let us star with the big, white elephant in the room that's pretending to be a black rhino!  Back in 2015, Rachel Dolezal was the leader of the Spokane Chapter of the NAACP.  Normally, not a big issue, but then it was.  It was discovered that *gasp* she was a WHITE WOMAN!  Now, a revelation like this would be more of a "Huh.  Well, as long as she's representing non-caucasian peoples in a positive light, more power to her."  More of a nod of interest than genuine shock.  This was not the case.  The reason why her being white was such a huge deal was, I'm not making this up, SHE WAS TELLING PEOPLE SHE IS A PROUD BLACK WOMAN AND WAS LIVING LIFE LIKE ONE!  No, really.  I mean, if there was a form she had to sign that asked what her race was, she would skip the one marked "Caucasian" and check "Black" or "African Descent".  I can't make this up.  As you see in the above photo, she even permed her naturally straight locks into SUPER TINY ringlets and would get VERY dark tans (I assume "fake & bake" or she'd look like she could be a meaty beef snack promoted by famous 1980's Wrestlers".  She was outed when the interviewer did some back-ground checking and discovered her VERY white parents whom she was estranged from.  They told the reporter (and eventually national news groups) that their daughter is very much a white woman, was raised a white woman, and has SERIOUS entitlement issues.  What was to be a small expose became a NATIONAL SOCIAL DISASTER!  Because of this, our lovely city, which is home to the 1970's World Fair, has now become home to the country's Latest & Greatest Winner of the Hot Mess award!

Now, in 2017, she is currently unemployed, had adopted a (darker skinned baby), and is struggling to make ends meet.  She has since decided that the best way to find employment was to change her name to make her more employable.  What did she change her name to, you ask?  Please be sitting down.  Nkichi Amare Diallo.  Wow.  Just.  Wow.  I've heard of people of Ethnic Heiratage changing their names to something more "White" (on behalf of my race, I'm sorry to any of you who feel you need to do this.), but really?  This is what she's convinced will trick people in to even interviewing her?  But this isn't the only thing she's done this year.  Oh no.  She's been busy.  SHE WROTE AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY ABOUT HOW HARD IT IS BEING A BLACK WHITE WOMAN! 

Some folks are reading this book just to see how messed up this woman is.  Others are reading it just because they want to give her a chance to explain her side of the whole situation.  According to one interviewer, she's saying this woman's issues are deeper, and more about white privledge than anything else.  If you're morbidly curious about what this latest interviewer has to say on the subject, click the link ~~> The Heart of Whiteness: Ijeoma Oluo Interviews Rachel Dolezal, the White Woman Who Identifies as Black

The Spokane Spanker

I'm so sorry I have to include this.  This is just embarrassing.  So a few weeks ago, some random dude was going around...oh dear lord...spanking random women on walking trails.  If this were still the 20th Century, this wouldn't be such big news.  But this is the 10's.  We are in a time in the United States where anything that happens against a person's will is considered assault, abuse, or sexual harassment.  I know it seems like I'm making light of the situation and not taking it seriously, but I promise you, I'm actually pretty outraged to the point where I've looped around and just am done with life *note: this isn't me saying "I want to die."  More like "I don't want to live on this planet anymore".*  

The reason why this should be such a big deal is because what if one of the random women he spanked was a rape victim?  What if she has PTSD?  What if she was the product of an abusive home?  Hell, what if she was a Special Needs person?  There are so many factors that could have made this so much worse not only for him, but for anyone who was or could have been one of his Spanking Receivers?  I'm sure to this man it was all just a harmless prank, but pranks should not harm people to be funny.  This is not the 1960's where a good smack on a woman's but was a simple "cheeky" gesture of endearment (I'm so sorry for going there.)

As it is, this is just one more example as to why "Rape Culture" still exists.  The man has come forward and admitted his wrong doings.  My problem is that the local is making this out to be "Well, he said he's sorry so he won't do it again.  So lets just forgive & forget, shall we?"  No.  This was assault.  It must be treated as such and I feel he needs proper jail time, if even a month worth.  He needs to be made an example of.  Sadly, he won't and we may not hear much about this after a week.  I mean, if a rich male college swimmer can get off with little more than a slap on the wrist for raping a passed-out drunk girl in an ally way, I would venture to guess this guy is just going to get a small fine and a pat on the butt with the judge saying "now don't do it again, okay?"

Spokane is Where "Father's Day" was Created
Yup.  You learn about this on the "Train Tour" at River Front Park

Riverfront Park is home to the 1970's World Fair
Sadly, as of this year, the remnants of that will be no more since they broke ground on the renovation of Riverfront Park.  As a matter of fact, they have been discussing getting rid of the carnaval area and even the IMAX.  Booooo!
Our "Sister Cities" include Tokyo, Japan & Dublin, Ireland
I don't know how.  They are both in different countries and both are entirely different cultures & ways of life than Spokane.

The Metal Band "GWAR" calls gave us the nick-name "Not Seattle".   
True Story.

If you have any other "Keep Spokane Weird" news or facts, feel free to post them in the comments below.  If the town you live in has any weird facts or news, share those as well!!


December 27, 2016

Knerd Mom Recommends: Ore Monogatari (My Love Story)

Love "Slice of Life" romantic manga/anime but tired of how they all more or less follow the same formula?  THEN PREPARE FOR THE GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER!

This story is about a big, burly, ogre-esque Freshman named Takeo Goda.  He falls in love at least once every year he has been in school, but each girl he crushes on falls for his ultra-handsome and cool best friend Makoto Sunakawa.  One day on the train home from school, Goda sees a pervert groping a small, sweet, and adorable high school girl.  Being the good guy and champion of justice he is, Goda takes action and puts a physical stop to it, thus saving the girl!  Goda then falls in love at first sight.  From there, his feelings for the girl (whom we find out is named Rinko Yamato) grows as she keeps making contact with him.  From here, things happen, but I don't want to spoil it because...YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS FROM THERE!  I promise, you won't be disappointed.

The reason for this recommendation is because this isn't your typical Girly Romance story.  Not only is there some GREAT comedy, but it's the fact that it's the "non-typically good looking character" the romance revolves around!  Doubly amazing since in Japan, well Asia in general, is a culture that values aesthetics above most else.  Having a *i really hate to put it this way* ugly character be the central protagonist in this story really makes it real for me.  If anything, it proves that anyone can find happiness and that true beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Well, that and we all have a type.

But really, the best part of this whole story is Goda himself.  He is what makes this whole experience!  Yeah, he's a big, strong dude who is as intimidating as a free roaming gorilla (not a Harambe reference), but his demeanor is that of a big cuddly teddy bear.  When he sees people in need of even a little help, he puts 100% of himself into helping out...asked or not!  He doesn't think about doing the right thing because he just does it!  It's all the more hilarious because when he does these good deed, he does it so seriously that he comes off with a mad mug!  Luckily, Sunakawa is always there to buffer the help by informing those being helped by Goda that "He's just a big helper.  I promise you he's not a thug."  In the end, everyone is always grateful, even though they give the misguided appreciation to Sunakawa...who always reminds the folks "...thanks, but Goda did the work."

I wish I can divulge more information and story about this great Manga/Anime, but I really want you all to watch it for yourselves!  It's available on Hulu subbed, though if you're like me, you can find it dubbed through your choice Anime Mirror sites.  It's a great break from the other cookie cutter "Slice of Life" school romance stories you're used to because to main character is not only male, but a big "unattractive" dude who is a total love-bug.  Honestly, even I could fall for Takeo Goda!  Anyone would be lucky to have a man like that in their lives, in love or in friendship!