May 3, 2013

Nerd World Problems

Have you ever thought of something that really bummed you out, then realized how nerdy you sounded?  It falls under the category of "First World Problems", branched into a special category I like to call "Nerd World Problems".  I mention this not only because tomorrow is "May The 4th Be With You" (2013) but it is also national FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!  Why is this relevant, you ask?  Because there are going to be Storm Troopers and DARTH FRAKKEN VADER at Merlyn's comic book shop tomorrow and our car is too busted to get us there!

And it's this kind of stuff that I'm afraid we are going to miss seeing!

Now, I could just as easily take the bus, but my problem there lies in the fact that we would have to take the bus from our place down town just to catch another bus that more or less runs right by the place.  Then we'd have to walk a good couple of blocks to the next street over to catch the opposite bus back to the bus center just to get back home.  Sure, it doesn't sound like a big huge deal and normally, I wouldn't think twice about doing even that.  Consider this:  I will be bringing a 4 year old in tow.

**omitting image of child exploding from too much excitement, walking-around,
and being completely over tired & hungry**

I love my Geeky pleasures and luxuries, when I have them.  I would go to a role-play event at the drop of a hat, pre-child.  Heck, it was gaming & nerdery that helped get me through my divorce with my 1st husband!  

...yes.  I was married before.  No, I did not have children with him.  If I told you the details, it would take up the rest of the blog entry.  Trust me, TL;DR applies to that story.  Pressing on...

Sadly, shortly into my 5th month, I had to give up gaming for a while.  We were doing our LARP games in the Gonzaga University's main building at the time and the steps up into it are STEEP!  When you're a Big Beautiful Woman carrying a whole extra human in your gut, climbing those steps every week gets rough!  Worse off, after baby and even after having to move back to my home town, gaming was a damn near impossibility!  In the end, I just did not have the means to find or afford a sitter so I gave it up for good.

I know I often state the good and fun things about being a Nerd Parent, but to be honest it's actually really a hard thing to be.  You gotta find that delicate balance between making quality time with your family & kids and indulging your Geek-ness.  I have a LOT of nerdy friends who have families of their own they take care of and STILL have time for gaming, collecting, and what other things they indulge in.  How they make it work is their own Ancient Chinese Secret and works just for them.  Our family also has our own formula for 
 our family vs. guilty geek time.

So, what does this have to do with Nerd World Problems?  Quite a bit.  Nerd/Geek hobbies and habits are not necessities in live.  Just like most of the things in this country we take for granted, there are times we feel entitled to our dorky vices.  We've had them for WAY longer than we've had our kids.  They've become habit, if not a huge part of our lives and ourselves in general.  Once children enter the picture, it starts to feel unfair that we may not be able to partake in these things as often as we had in the past.  But take in consideration this thought...I will go as far as saying most of the things us American Nerdists enjoy come from Asia, majoritively Japan.

Some things we enjoy a little more than we should : /

 Asia is one of if not the largest poverty stricken countries in the world.  When Geeks think of Asia, we think anime, Hirajuku Couture, students in uniforms, and some of the most wicked technology in the world.  What we don't realize is that no matter how much faster their internet speeds are, how much more bad-ass their comics are than ours, and how much more efficient their homes are, they do not live as affluently as their anime/manga suggests.  Asians work 6 day weeks, as are the school weeks.  Their standard of living is MUCH more modest than ours.  Some poor families, at times, live solely on nothing but rice, rice, and more rice because that IS their staple food.  I'll even go as far as saying our poor families in the US live at a higher standard than most Asian countries.  Spend one day in China and tell me I'm wrong.

We have jobs for everyone...and our economy STILL sucks!

Nerd World Problems are ultimately 1st World Problems.  So, If we don't make it down to see Darth Vader and some Storm Troopers, I will tell myself this:  It's going to be okay.  I can always rent "Clone Wars" on Amazon.

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